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Rules and Regulations

The college gives utmost priority for discipline and every one, student or staff, is bound to follow the rules and regulations of the college and maintain strict discipline.

Working Hours
The working -day extends from 9.15 a.m. to 3.50 p.m. from Monday to Friday and 9:15 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. on Saturday.

There is a two-hour practical class each week in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Electronics and Computer Science.

Identity card and Calendar
A student shall wear his/her identity card and bring the college calendar daily to the college.

The identity card is also needed to get books issued from the Library and to be admitted to any examination that is conducted by the college.

Leave of Absence
Punctual and regular attendance is essential. Leave of absence from College can be granted, if applied for in advance, through an official note written by the parents/guardian and addressed to the Principal. In case of unforeseen circumstances, a leave note from the parents/guardian is to be entered in the calendar. If the absence is due to illness, a medical certificate is called for. Such a medical certificate, however, does not entitle a student to attendance.

Absence from examinations and on the reopening day after a vacation is a serious matter and is punishable with a fine and loss of attendance.

A student shall have at least 75 percent attendance in each subject. Theory classes and practical classes are treated on a par as regards the attendance requirement. No student shall be permitted to appear for the Board Examinations if he/she does not fulfil the attendance requirement. Shortage of attendance will not be condoned, either by the head of the institution or by the P.U.E. Board, where attendance is less than 75 percent, whatever the reason for such shortage.

General Rules and Regulations
Irregularities in attendance, insubordination, discourtesy to members of the faculty, late coming, neglect of work, obscenity in word or deed, etc., could bring on the dismissal of the student concerned. Minor offences are punishable by a fine or loss of attendance. Punctilious observance of classroom etiquette is an important part of the training of students.

Students are personally responsible for the safety of their personal belongings, including books, umbrellas, etc., all of which shall bear the name of the owner concerned.

Books, magazines, newspapers, etc., not approved by the Principal & mobile phones / any electronic gadgets are not allowed to be brought into the college precincts. If found, the same will be seized and will not be returned. Use of scientific calculators is not permitted (except for Statistics).

No meeting shall be held on the college premises & no new activity can be undertaken without the prior permission of the Principal. There shall, further, be no unauthorized collections of money.

No picnic / educational tour can be organized without clearance from the Principal, Participation by a student in any picnic / tour shall require the prior permission of his / her parents / guardians.

The progress report of the student shall be duly signed by the parent / guardian concerned, compulsorily on the day of the result session, failing which the student shall not be permitted to attend any class from the next day onwards.

Dress Regulations
Students should wear the prescribed uniform on all working days. The following is the uniform prescribe :
Girls : Half sleeve kameez, salwar and a shawl.
Boys : Half sleeve shirt and full trousers, plain black belt with brown or black shoes. ( Jeans, colour vests and low waist trousers are strictly prohibited)
Students both of the I& II P.U.C. must be in uniform whenever they come to the college for any reason whatsoever, even during study holidays and until the college closes for vacation.

Laboratory Rules
A student who does not submit the record of a practical class or who fails to attend a practical class without valid reason will not be allowed to the next practical class. Late submission does not entitle the student to do the missed practical at any later time. Students shall handle all equipment and material given to them for practical work with the greatest care. They shall pay for all damage and breakages caused by them, together with such penalty as may be imposed by the Principal, failing which hall ticket for the final exam will not be issued. They shall maintain strict silence in the laboratories during practical work. They are forbidden from entering the laboratories except with the permission of the lecturer in charge.

Assignment & project work must be submitted regularly. Part I consists of work book, in addition to the course book, the completion and submission of which is compulsory, failing which a student will not be issued hall ticket for the final examination.

Attention, parents / guardians
Parents / guardians are requested to cooperate with the members of the faculty and look upon the education of their children / wards as a joint endeavour. They shall supervise the daily studies of their children / wards at home and monitor their attendance at college.

An Important Matter
Admissions are made only for one academic year at a time. Those admitted shall fully accept the rules and regulations that are already in force in the college or which may be framed from time to time even when they find that those rules and regulations are not in force in other similar institutions. Students are bound by such rules and regulations as the college may notify from time to time. Any student who violates them or whose parents are found to be indifferent to them are liable to be refused admission in the following year.